Waste Management & Recycling


Julian Cleaning Nig. Ltd is into professional Environmental and Waste Management in Nigeria in Association of this Great Membership our Services includes:

  • Waste Management Consultancy to private and public Companies
  • Waste Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Recycling and Resource Recovery
  • Landfill Management
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Education (Waste Awareness & Environmental Campaign)


As a Certified Environmental Consultant on Environmental health and Industrial Cleaning, Member of Cleaning Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Wastes Management Society Of Nigeria and Distributor of Innu Science Biotechnology Hygiene cleaning Products in Nigeria and Waste African Countries; [JCNL] wants to work closely with the State Governments and Private Companies to introduce waste and recycling schemes in Nigeria States to Reduce, Recycle And Reuse Waste from our Societies.


We have assessed the different sources of waste generation in the city and identified waste materials that can be recycled; these materials include paper, plastic, glass bottles and mental and are generated in work places, commercial and business premises and households. most of these recyclable are collected and dumped in open spaces as shown in figures below due to lack of facilities and recovery initiatives.

We have also planned and developed a strategy to recover these materials for recycling in other to reduce littering, illegal waste dumping, pollution, save the government the cost to clean up and to also divert waste from going to landfill/dumpsites.

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