Cleaning Standard

This is the process of locating, identifying, and containing, removing and proper disposing of unwanted substance from a surface of environment.

In the dictionary,” maintenance” is defined “ the act of marinating supporting or defending; continuance; in relation to cleaning, we are interested in the act of continued locating, identifying, containing removing and properly disposing of unwanted substance from a surface or environment.
Note the key word-continued

Cleaning connotes a situation where dirt is allowed to accumulate before it is removed while maintenance connotes continued removal of the dirt as it occurs. In the provision of high standard cleaning, maintenance cleaning is a recommended concept. And that is what JULIAN CLEANING does.

Cleaning standard is measured by level of cleanliness in relation to hygiene, luxury and safety.
HYGIENE: For example, we can talk of hygienically clean (kitchen and toilets), should be “hygienically clean”, neatness, dryness, good smell are all standards with which these areas are measured.

SAFETY: Also kitchen and toilets should be safe in terms of prevention of disease causing bacteria and other organism. Disinfection becomes a primary measure of cleaning standard.

AESTHETICS AND BEAUTY: Offices should be tidy with all the finishing (hard surface, partitioning and walls) and furnishing, (carpets, furniture, paintings etc)
looking as new as when they were bought/installed “prestigious cleaning” becomes a measurement for clean standard.
It is important to note that cleaning standard is not a matter of individual judgment, it is a universal acceptable reality. A dirty or clean environment is the same in the eyes of Osawe as it is with John or Julian

JULIAN CLEANING accomplished this through:
Selection of appropriate method, equipment, accessories and products.
Effective training and re-training, supervision and use of well tailored schedule.
The higher the standard set, the greater the frequency of cleaning as determined by the following:-
* Traffic i.e. usage.
* Construction materials and finishing

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